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Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features - fbdigitalnetwork

OPPO's flagship A series, with high-value and high-functions, has now ushered in a new member: OPPO A93. Its biggest feature is the combination of 6 AI Portrait cameras. The front and rear camera capabilities are further improved. The ultra-thin size of the only 7.47mm is equipped with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM memory combination, and it is only for RM1299 To 22981.91 INR! Equipped with 6 AI cameras at the same time, it is absolutely in line with the current trend of young people seeking a mobile phone with the highest function and reasonable price. It can be said to be sincere.

Today we will analyze the inside and outside of this phone, what are the selling points worthy of you to start!

Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features
Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features - fbdigitalnetwork

6 AI cameras

This time, OPPO A93 is equipped with a total of 6 AI cameras, including four rear cameras and dual front cameras. OPPO A93 has four rear  cameras , 48M main camera ((F1.8) 1/2") + 8MP wide-angle camera ((F2.2) 1/4") + 2MP black and white lens ((F2.4) 1/ 5”) + 2MP black and white lens ((F2.4) 1/5”) . On the front side, OPPO A93 is equipped with two front lenses, 16MP (main lens) + 2MP (depth of field lens). Make photos more prominent, interesting, and clear.

OPPO A93 supports many trendy and practical camera modes, and I will introduce them one by one below. These include:

#1 AI Color Portrait-It can retain the color of the subject while making the background color black and white. This feature is very suitable for social media such as Instagram. This function can accommodate up to three people at a time, and both the front and rear cameras support this function

Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features
AI Color Portrait

#2 Front-facing super night portrait-OPPO A93 uses a series of AI algorithms, including HDR, facial recognition, and highlight suppression. Even at night, it can take high-definition portraits with no background exposure and clear details (only in night mode) Front camera under)

#3 AI Night Flare Portrait (AI Night Flare Portrait)-This feature combines the bokeh effect and low-light HDR algorithm to increase the bokeh background effect while making the photo brighter. In addition, it can also create a light ball effect in the background and enhance the subject's skin tone for the best appearance (available only in portrait mode)

AI Night Flare Portrait
AI Night Flare Portrait

#4 Front Dual Lens Bokeh-The second 2M depth-of-field lens will carry out hardware-level deep image processing, which makes the details processing more accurate while ensuring that multi-person photos can also be blurred accurately. (Only applicable to the front camera)

#5 AI super clear shooter-this technology is the only sampled and unique AI facial reconstruction technology among the phones of the same price. Turn on the super clear shooter in the settings, and even the eyebrows can be taken clearly. This feature applies to front and rear cameras.

#6 Ultra-clear 108MP images-In daytime, using OPPO A93 can take ultra-clear photos up to 108MP. Using AI algorithms, OPPO A93 can create clear images with retina levels to capture rich details and textures, thereby improving image quality and richer appearance.

Stylish and thin design body

The OPPO A93 has an ultra-thin body design of the only 7.48mm and a weight of 164g. It has an ultra-thin shape and fashionable colors with a high-grade gloss and matte texture.

The OPPO A93 body is slim enough to fit into any pocket without bulging out abruptly. Both female and male users can easily carry it, even if it is put in a trouser pocket or a small bag. OPPO A93 also uses the industry's first high-gloss technology of 220° rounded edge design technology, which can create a slim side appearance while ensuring that the user feels comfortable.

Stylish and thin design body
Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features - fbdigitalnetwork

double aperture AMOLED screen

OPPO A93 is equipped with a 16.34cm double hole display, and the diameter of the camera is surprisingly small, only 3.7cm. The OPPO A93 with double punching can provide a better screen-to-body ratio and enhance users' more immersive viewing experience. OPPO A93 uses a 6.43-inch FHD + AMOLED display and has passed the TUV Rheinland certification, which can ensure that users watch the screen for a long time without hurting their eyes.

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Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features - fbdigitalnetwork

Mid-to-high specification configuration with an anti-stagnation algorithm

OPPO A93 is equipped with MediaTek Helio P95 processor, with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM memory combination. In addition, it also comes with an additional slot, users can add up to 512GB memory card. OPPO A93 also supports the Anti-Lag Algorithm (Anti-Lag Algorithm) to detect and clear data that causes memory errors, thereby improving the efficiency of data reading and writing.

AI night charging function

OPPO A93 supports AI optimized night charging function so that users will not worry about battery damage even if they charge overnight. The OPPO A93AI algorithm can learn the user's night wake-up time, allowing the battery to be charged up to 80%, and redistributing the last 20% of the power within 90 minutes before the user wakes up, thus protecting the battery life.

Oppo A93 - Price in India, Full Specifications, review & Features
AI night charging function

In addition, OPPO A93 has a super power-saving mode, so there is no need to worry about battery life. This mode turns the display screen into black and white and runs six predetermined applications to ensure long standby time. When your phone's battery is only 5%, you can also use one of the following functions:

  • 70 minutes talk
  • 49 minutes of text messages
  • 35 minutes of Uber/Grab
  • 30-minute Google Map

Air gestures make your phone no longer greasy

OPPO A93 is equipped with Air Gestures, so you no longer need to get your phone dirty when eating greasy food. The maximum distance between the user and the mobile phone is 50cm, and the "air gesture" mode function can be activated, and the call can be answered by simply waving the hand upward.

OPPO A93 goes on sale in Malaysia

OPPO A93 is officially on sale in Malaysia, priced at  RM1299 To 22981.91 INR! It is currently available at OPPO official branches, authorized dealers, and OPPO official website. There are black and white (Matte Black / Metallic White) for color matching.

In addition, OPPO users can redeem an exclusive RM100 To Rs1,774 OPPO A93 discount coupon from October 6th to October 18th, 2020!

Existing OPPO users only need to download and log in to the My OPPO App, select Voucher Redemption on the Homepage page, and then redeem the OPPO A93 RM100 To Rs1,774 discount coupon with 1 point. Then just use the discount coupon on the OPPO official website or show it to the staff of the OPPO official branch.

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